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Not all employees have an understanding of how issues related to DEI impact their daily life and experiences at work.


Pizza & Podcast is a weekly media club for DEI-related content, held over (company-provided) lunch. It was suggested by our outside consultants as a way to examine society at large, our own office culture, and present a safe space for discussion. The bulk of content so far has been podcasts, specifically the "Seeing White" series, but we have also read So You Want to Talk About Race and have plans to continue the media club into 2020. While the initial content came from our consultant partners, curation for this year's content is being transitioned to members of our company DEI working group.


The pizza & podcast series will be kicking off its 2020 programming with continued focus on race before moving into other areas as the year progresses. This will be coupled with other efforts and training recommended by our consulting partners and DEI workgroup.

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