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Message from the CEO: Our Commitment to Cultivating a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment for Our Global Workforce


Our Charles River community will not stand for racism, violence, inequality, or discrimination of any kind. It is more important than ever that we support each other through a posture of empathy, listening, and respect. It is the obligation of each of us to live these values and behaviors, not only in our daily interactions with colleagues, but also within our communities.

As a signatory to the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, our CEO has affirmed our commitment to equality and reinforced that we each have an obligation to live these values and behaviors in our everyday lives. Our employees exemplify this commitment with their dedication to our Global Days of Service, participation in our Purpose Days which raise awareness of rare disease and oncology and local involvement in more than 300 community organizations in 2020.  Our commitment to our communities is built on three areas:

  • Contributing to Thriving Communities by meaningfully partnerships with local organizations that provide essential human services for children and individuals in need.
  • Investing in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education by increasing access within today’s youth to the possibilities of a career in STEM, and in doing so, inspiring a next generation of scientists.
  • Championing Health Outcomes through disease education and awareness in our key impact areas, such as in Rare Disease and Oncology.

These efforts underscore that our commitment to creating healthier lives extends beyond therapeutic cures to the communities where we live and work.

While all employees play a role in creating a welcoming and inclusive work culture, it is important that we have a governing body to ensure the integration of these critical principles into our employee experience, our business execution, our customer journey, our investor relationships, and our diverse communities. As a result, we’ve formed Charles River’s first Global DE&I Council who embody diversity, equity and inclusion principles in their words and actions. They  provide the oversight needed to strengthen and drive change within the Charles River culture and beyond.  Their focus is on the following DE&I strategic pillars:

  • Increase Representation
  • Build Awareness & Understanding
  • Strengthen Belonging
  • Commit to Community
  • Ensure Equity

It is our way of being that is essential to bringing about the changes that we need. I stand shoulder to shoulder with this team of leaders to ensure Diversity, Equity and Inclusion isn’t a program at Charles River, it is how we work and interact to Be the Difference every day.

Jim Foster
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
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