CSRA is a newly formed company, from a merger of two legacy organizations with unique and robust cultures. In order to create a Diversity & Inclusion program we first needed to understand the demographics of the organization and define what diversity & inclusion meant to our leaders and the company.


We assessed the make-up of our organization, reviewed the standard definitions for diversity & inclusion, attended the September 2016 Diversity Inc conference, became a charter member of CEB’s Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council, and scanned our competitors and top D&I companies in the U.S. From there we crafted a draft definition and presented it to our leaders, which resulted in a thoughtful conversation and challenge to be bold. We went back to the working draft and recruited the employee resource group leads to ensure we included multiple viewpoints and ideas. The follow-up conversation with leadership confirmed we had met their challenge and created a point of view representative of our company and its mission.


Our point of view has been well received, and is the driving force behind our D&I programming and initiatives. It gives us a starting point to measure all ideas against to ensure we are meeting the objectives we set for ourselves.


Lisa Iannarino
[email protected]


With 18,000 employees serving the federal government, CSRA has a unique opportunity to influence and impact our employees and customers. We have committed to a point of view on diversity and inclusion that shapes our decisions and actions, improves the employee experience, and motivates us to provide innovative and imaginative next-gen solutions for our customers.

Larry Prior
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