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Inclusive Recruitment Methods


We needed a comprehensive, inclusive approach to increase the diverse pipeline of candidates for open roles.


Expedia Group implemented an inclusive end-to-end recruitment process that seeks to address and eliminate bias. Expedia Group leverage two technology tools: Textio (to remove gendered language or bias in job descriptions) and Hire Vue (to provide accessible video interviewing). Expedia Group also ensures they have mandatory diverse interview slates, which include women both as candidates as well as interviewers. Additionally, all hiring managers and recruiters are offered interview training which highlights behavioral based interviews and managing bias throughout the entire candidate experience. Finally, Expedia Group actively recruits in diverse communities by participating in events that attract diverse audiences like the annual Women of Silicon Valley Roundabout and Grace Hopper Conferences. Expedia Group also uses data analytics to track our hiring pipeline data from application stage to offer by gender representation.

According to our senior director of people analytics at Expedia Group, the tone of listings matters. Expedia Group has found that job postings written with gender-neutral language draw higher-quality candidates and fill five days faster.


Lauren von Stackelberg, Director, Diversity & Inclusion

As the world's travel platform, we are guided by an inclusive purpose: to bring the world within reach. We celebrate and champion diversity, creating a sense of belonging for our employees, customers, partners and communities. With 1 in 10 people working in travel, our industry has an opportunity to ensure our workforce reflects the diverse customers, partners and communities we serve. We look forward to joining this network and movement to collectively progress diversity and inclusion.

Mark Okerstrom, Expedia Group

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