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The PGA of America staff’s true understanding of inclusion and diversity, as well as the business case for it, was relatively low.  We recognized the need for education and training in the subject areas of inclusion and diversity for all PGA staff. The


Our in-house Inclusion and Diversity Educator has developed and implemented the “From Pledge to Practice” education series to provide a foundational understanding, guidelines, language, tools, and exercises to engage and deepen dialogue surrounding key subject areas in the inclusion space.  Delivered in six educational sessions to build employee awareness around inclusion, From Pledge to Practice provides safe exploration spaces where meaningful conversations can occur. Each one-hour session includes a variety of educational activities such as video clips, group share discussions, learning exercises, and a multicultural lunch.

Series Topics Include:

  • Assumptions
  • Unconscious Bias (Similarity Bias, Confirmation Bias)
  • Stereotypes
  • Micro-Aggressions
  • Impact vs. Intent
  • Multicultural & Cross-Cultural Communications


97.01% indicated that the sessions will change how they communicate and work more effectively with team members.

99.34% indicated that these types of sessions are helpful in enhancing their work environment.

96.72% are interested in participating in more inclusion and diversity training with their colleagues.


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