Diversity and inclusion too often triggers a reaction of this is about “others”.  The challenge this represents is marginalization of the content, limited engagement and reduced optimization of diversity and inclusion initiatives.


To address this challenge, we intentionally utilize the inclusion business strategy to demonstrate the value of inclusion as well as providing experiential, interactive and innovative learning experiences for our workforce. 

On the inclusion business strategy side, we developed Eastern Harmony, an approach to include eastern medicine practices, culturally relevant values and services alongside our traditionally covered western medicine practices. And, we placed accessibility principles and consulting in the core and beginning of a member web re-design. 

Concurrently, we offer e-learning and small group learning to develop the capability and skills to address unconscious bias and build inclusion capability in the workforce. Developing an Inclusive-Mindset- e-learning developed for Harvard Pilgrim by IBIS consulting group (www.ibisconsultinggroup.com); Supervisor and Manager Cohort Sessions; Healthy Conversations, a forum for open dialog; ERG sponsored learning: Being an LGBTQ Ally, Secrets of Success, Diabetes: Don’t Sugar Coat It, Catalyzing Positive Impact for Youth and Families, My Members Wellness Weekly Challenges.


Our sales and marketing team report experiencing that the benefits of Eastern Harmony attract a specific growth segment of our market, and is attractive to and engages all individuals and businesses focused on well-being practices. The web design team reported experiencing that accessible design changed how the team looked at the information presented and the tasks performed, it helped them quickly develop a strong design that worked for sighted users, those coming in through assistive devices and those accessing the site through mobile tools. 

From a workplace perspective, learners report understanding what is meant by ‘inclusion’.  For us, it means valuing difference and creating value through difference.


While diversity efforts have been around for some time, ours is unique because it is a company-wide, comprehensive commitment to put inclusion at the forefront of everything we do.

Eric Schultz
President and CEO, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
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