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Reaching and engaging a highly-dispersed workforce with D&I initiatives by specifically leveraging Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).


Currently Progressive has nine employee resource groups with about 26% of Progressive’s employees being members of at least one ERG.   

To reach most Progressive’s employee population, two-thirds of whom are located outside of our Cleveland, OH headquarters, we introduced ERG “Ambassadors” and “Coordinators” - highly engaged individuals capable of carrying out activities and discussions on behalf of an individual ERG or a group of ERGs at a local level.  There are generally 1-2 ambassadors working on behalf of an ERG for a large region or state. In smaller locations Coordinators are representing all the ERGs.  Primarily these employees engage mid-level managers, coordinate programming with the business and across multiple ERGs, and identify meaningful engagement opportunities.

Ambassadors and Coordinators, in turn, increase their organizational exposure, are provided opportunities to lead, and work with local managers to promote D&I and ERGs within their workgroups. This program also helps to develop potential future ERG national board members. 


The original state that piloted the All-ERG Coordinator role, proved its success and now has the highest level of ERG engagement in the nation with 65% of its employees joining one or more ERGs.

What began with a handful of ambassadors has grown to over 230 in 27 states over the past five years.  ERG Ambassadors and All-ERG Coordinators have significantly enhanced local D&I engagement, especially within our smaller (20-50 person) offices. 


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Diversity and Inclusion are essential to all that we do every day for each other, and our customers.  A big part of our success has, and will continue to come from having a diverse and inclusive workplace that accepts and respects everyone’s unique background and experiences. Having an environment where you can bring your whole self to work allows people to fully leverage their strengths and is reflected in how we treat our customers.  They reward us with their business. 

At Progressive, we want to ensure everybody is valued for who they are, the ideas they bring, and the energy they invest.  We are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion as a strong part of what makes our culture so special.

Tricia Griffith, CEO and President

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