Employee Resources Groups at nVent Electric


Inviting employees around the globe to connect and engage around common interests.

  • Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are among our most treasured assets. They have become the hands and feet of building inclusion in our organization.
  • Within one year of launching ERGs, we have four fully approved and highly functioning global ERGs with members around the globe
  • Our ERGs support our Social Responsibility efforts:
  • The Grass Roots ERG focuses on environmental sustainability, finding ways to reduce the carbon footprint in our waste and encouraging employees to be better stewards of resources
  • The Global Women’s Network ERG promotes the engagement and development of women at every level of the organization through virtual coffee breaks, book clubs and regular professional development opportunities
  • The Connecting Cultures ERG focuses on connecting our global cultures, and highlighting and celebrating the diversity of our workforce by hosting virtual potlucks, spotlighting our employees and cultures around the globe, and highlighting history months
  • Our [email protected] ERG is focused on ensuring a safe space for our LGBTQ+ employees by providing education and awareness on the use of pronouns, LBGTQ+ 101 training, and developing a travel guide to ensure the safety of our LGBTQ+ employees when they travel for work
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to racial tensions, the ERGs explored unique ways to stay engaged and connected to our employees, building inclusion by hosting panel discussions on racism and a follow-up on bias
  • 513 employees are members of our ERGs
  • Our ERGs continue to be recognized in our Employee Engagement Surveys for promoting inclusion
  • ERG leaders develop skills, knowledge and abilities outside of normal functional roles
  • Networking across the organization has helped build business acumen of our ERG members

Laura Brock, Senior Director, Inclusion & Diversity


At nVent, we focus first on the safety and well-being of our employees. An inclusive, diverse workplace where our employees feel valued and respected is an important part of a safe environment.

We intentionally built inclusion and diversity into our nVent culture from the start. We created councils, training and employee resource groups, and have meaningful conversations with our employees to make inclusion part of who we are and what we stand for.

I signed the pledge now because we’ve made great strides in our commitment to inclusion and diversity (I&D), and joining the CEO Action group supports our promise that we will listen, we will talk and we will act. Signing this pledge is another step in our journey and a further commitment to embedding I&D in our culture and being accountable for taking action.

We are early in our journey, but we are making an impact. We will continue to take action to make nVent a safe, inclusive environment where we welcome each other’s experiences, perspectives and talents.

Beth Wozniak
CEO, nVent Electric, plc
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