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As an emerging culture we had to collectively determine how to commit to the communities in which we work, live and play, in an impactful way. We also need to connect our giving and volunteerism to our Diversity & Inclusion Point of View.


As such, our giving is focused on three areas – health, with a focus on children, and emotional wellness; military & law enforcement communities, through the lens of military families, and housing/job placement programs; and STEM education, specific to underserved communities.  Two partnerships we built out of these guidelines that have a strong alignment with our diversity & inclusion goals are those with the BDPA-DC (Black Data Processing Association) and Girls Who Code. With our point of view as our compass, we anticipate broadening our giving in these areas.


CSRA is sponsoring the Girls Who Code Clubs program in their SE Region, and we are the first corporate sponsor for the organization in the state of Louisiana.  This partnership will also engage CSRA employees in our Bossier City Integrated Technology Center, giving them the opportunity to donate their time and expertise to developing minds.

Via the BDPA-DC, CSRA has sponsored student memberships, sent recruiters to local technology events, and positioned ourselves as a place for students to intern and work after completing their degrees. We just received our first round of resumes, strengthening our pipeline of diverse talent.


Lisa Iannarino: [email protected]

As a leading provider of next-gen IT solutions and professional services to the federal government, CSRA has the opportunity to touch the many communities in which our employees live, work, and play.  Our point of view on diversity and inclusion is central to our corporate values and drives us to partner with those communities to enable their constituents to thrive.

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