Data Equity & Ethics: Coupling Intent + Action


Combat bias in our data-analytic software products.


As a social impact company, we have a responsibility to act as an agent of change and to ensure our people and products inculcate a just environment. We do this not only because it will benefit our business, but because it is the right thing to do.

Our strategies include:

  • Commitment to transparency
  • Equal access to products and experiences
  • Reduce scientific bias
  • Commitment to diverse representation in all products and marketing materials
  • Published policies on data privacy, our ethical approach to AI, and scientific methodology
  • Products and applications that are the top 1% for ADA compliance
  • Global sourcing of social impact activities
  • Product testing with international audiences
  • Data ethics training for all members of the Summery scientific team
  • Use of crowd-sourcing/crowd-truthing throughout product development regime
  • Deliberate use of inclusive language and images to ensure products resonate equally with different demographics

 We recognize that these policies and practices of inclusion are just a starting point. We have a long-term commitment to equality and equity within our company, with our clients, and throughout our community. We welcome your voice in our process. Please reach out to us via LinkedIn with your thoughts and ideas.


We fully support the objectives of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge and welcome the opportunity to join likeminded CEOs in a community dedicated to inclusion of all people. Here at Summery, we strive to ensure that every individual deserves a fair opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.

Erin Michelson
Founder + CEO, Summery
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