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Creating a Culture of Diversity & Inclusion


Quartz leadership recognizes the financial and cultural benefits of establishing and living a culture that encourages Diversity & Inclusion. The Company needed to create a culture that was well-versed in the positive benefits of a diverse workforce, that exhibited behaviors considered welcoming, supportive and respectful of every employee and caused individual employees to volunteer their time so that the Community benefitted directly.


Equity Lens Model

The Quartz Diversity & Inclusion efforts occur within the framework of the Equity Lens Model. Used by organizations and communities across the United States and elsewhere, the model calls for the following social justice outcomes ‒

  • A just and fair society in which all can participate, prosper and reach their full potential.
  • All people have a fair shot in life despite historic patterns of exclusion.
  • Everyone has the resources to succeed based on the just distribution of resources.
  • Shared decision-making and involvement leading to greater shared power and community involvement

The Equity Lens Model informs us as an organization to act in this way –

  • Create an inclusive work place environment.
  • Team up with community collaborators to improve diversity awareness.
  • Educate, build, coach and promote diversity and inclusion.
  • Be accountable and measure the impact, influence and path of our efforts.

Diversity & Inclusion Change Team

Culturally diverse workplaces have proven to be vital to an organization’s long-term success. The Diversity & Inclusion Change Team is charged with creating a work environment that is inclusive, welcoming and culturally diverse.

The Quartz Diversity & Inclusion Change Team has responsibility for implementing D&I-related strategies according to the Equity Lens Model and a rolling three-year plan. Four sub-committees address important issues according to the plan’s direction. These are ‒

  • External Partnerships - Support and enhance services to communities; collaborate with, sponsor and train community members and stakeholders.
  • Internal Partnerships - Create behavioral standards, diversity metrics, and accountability for results; Train employees on topics such as unconscious bias, similarity bias, structural bias, and self-rater bias; and Create employee networks, including the first Employee Resource Group (Women United). Internal training efforts include recommended coursework on the inhouse GEMS learning module, guest lecturers for employee Lunch & Learns (The Financial Impact of Diversity & Inclusion, Why Diversity & Inclusion Matter, Understanding Implicit Bias, Bias & Privilege), and internal employee newsletter articles related to the value of D&I efforts.
  • Supplier Diversity - Integrate Supplier Diversity initiative with Request for Proposal bid process; Pilot program with Facilities vendors.
  • Recruitment - Evaluate reporting and metrics that allow for diversity statistics tracking; Develop target population and form recruitment strategy; and Utilize current employee network to help build support for diversity recruitment.

Quartz Core Values

The Quartz Core Values of Respect, Relationships and Responsibility similarly impact Diversity & Inclusion and Inclusion efforts, encouraging a culture where all are treated equally, regardless of their backgrounds. Some of the behaviors to which all employees are held accountable are ‒

  • Respect – We include those with diverse backgrounds, roles and perspectives to achieve the best possible outcomes in everything we do.
  • Relationships – We support each other, collaborating in the best interests of our colleagues, customers and organization. We build trust by demonstrating kindness, respect and responsibility each and every day.
  • Responsibility – We form opinions and conclusions that are technically sound, based on reliable information and analysis.


A July 2018 Barrett Culture Survey requested of all Quartz employees showed that employees are very much aligned with our goal oriented strategies for diversity & inclusion.

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