Building Inclusive Leadership Competency


Provide all people leaders with tools and support to lead inclusive, innovative teams that instill a sense of belonging.


Leveraging the “brain science” behind what is needed for all employees to be able to come to work to thrive, we have rolled out an inclusive leadership development program available to all people leaders and diversity advocates that focuses on identifying and mitigating unconscious bias, building inclusive teams, and making effective people decisions.


Feedback has been positive; leaders are becoming more aware of daily micro-steps they can take to be more inclusive; recognize where they may help or hinder interactions, and ultimately change their behaviors to bring everyone into the fold. Since the program is research-based and founded in science, the training has resonated with our technical leaders who appreciate the data-driven approach.


Committing to diversity, equity and inclusion means committing to a way of being as an organization. We start with setting goals to get alignment and clarity about our commitment, but it doesn’t stop with goals and targets.  What makes it real and sustainable are the day-to-day small ways our leaders authentically reinforce the importance of diversity and demonstrate authentic understanding of the value in each person’s unique journey.  Cultivating and reinforcing a culture where everyone feels they can come to work as their true selves, feel valued and engaged will attract and sustain diversity.

Nicole Anasenes
CFO & SVP of Finance
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