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Billy Reid Value Statement


To Our Vendors:

At Billy Reid we believe that diverse perspectives and progressive mindsets promote professional and personal growth as well as help us deliver the highest quality product. We encourage conversations that challenge our understanding of our community and our world. Standing for equality and promoting diversity and inclusion within our business and society at large are a core value of Billy Reid.

We expect the vendors with whom we do business to share our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and align with our values and priorities. To us this means supporting initiatives that advance social and racial equality and challenging those that oppose or undermine progress in these areas. With regard to your workforce, we expect that you will adopt best practices in diversity and inclusion, and that you will refuse to tolerate hateful or discriminatory speech or actions.

We will consider your alignment with our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in our business decisions. We reserve the right to discontinue our business relationship with any company whose leadership or employees engage in actions that run counter to our values.

We invite you to share your diversity and inclusion plans and best practices and your social engagement strategies with us. We would also be interested in hearing your suggestions on how we can collaborate with you to achieve our shared goal of making this world a more just and equitable place.

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