Athene Veterans Apprenticeship Program


We recognized veterans could have a difficult time making the transition from a military to a civilian career due to a variety of factors. And if the transition is made, the veteran often finds themselves underemployed as military skills are often difficult to translate in a corporate setting.


Athene is committed to supporting our veterans and military families through our Athene Military and Veterans Organization (AMVO) Employee Resource Group. AMVO was formed to help support efforts around hiring, establishing intra and inter veteran networks and collaborating with community outreach organizations.

Athene recognizes that our veterans have the leadership skills and values that are core to our success, and these are the traits that are difficult to “train” yet are readily transferable within our walls. In response, we most recently started a Department of Labor registered Veteran’s Apprenticeship pilot. Athene’s program is one of two white collar apprenticeship programs in Iowa and with less than 10 white collar programs in the US.

The apprenticeship program is intended to provide the training and skills required for a successful career through rotational opportunities and a training curriculum that builds foundational skills to be successful and advance at Athene. In addition, each apprentice is paired with a mentor to help them integrate and navigate the corporate world.

We are proud to be one of the first white collar apprenticeship programs offered by a Des Moines, Iowa area employer, one of the few in the US, and believe our apprenticeship program will aid the transition to a successful civilian career with Athene or in our community.


We currently have two veteran apprentices in their third rotational role at Athene with an anticipated graduation in Q1 2021.


Angela Jackson

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