Ally Skills Training


We recognized the need to go beyond Unconscious Bias training to build an inclusive workplace around ally actions, specific to each global office location.


Expedia Group created a 2-hour Ally Skills workshop that scaled globally by leveraging a Train the Trainer approach to involve employees as instructors. Each training is based on scenarios from local regions and include instances of how to be an ally based on stereotypical remarks or biases.

Key lessons include that being an ally is an action not an identity, the importance of speaking up when it's psychologically and physically safe to do so, definitions of key terms (privilege, oppression, ally, target), how we all gain/lose privilege at different times in our lives, and the power of the collective responsibility of allyship when shared with others.

Trainings are complemented with ally action cards and diversity resource guides which provide employees with lists of resources (books, blogs, TED talks) to learn more about diverse identities and communities.

We have also shared our learnings and training on allyship for external audiences including Women of Silicon Roundabout in the UK, Women in Tech Regattas in the Netherlands, and Conference Board's D&I Conference in the US.


Over 1,100 employees have been trained in 20 global locations. 96% of participants surveyed 3 months post training have acknowledged acting as an ally in a situation, inviting different perspectives into conversation, or interacting with someone outside their social group.


Lauren von Stackelberg, Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity


As the world's travel platform, we are guided by an inclusive purpose: to bring the world within reach. We celebrate and champion diversity, creating a sense of belonging for our employees, customers, partners and communities. With 1 in 10 people working in travel, our industry has an opportunity to ensure our workforce reflects the diverse customers, partners and communities we serve. We look forward to joining this network and movement to collectively progress diversity and inclusion.

Mark Okerstrom
Expedia Group
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