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We recognized a need to create a workforce that embraces every culture, language, age, sexual orientation, disability, background and experience.


Our Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) provide Symantec employees both a network of support from those in the affinity group/allies, and an opportunity to impact the business by driving strategic events and activities in support for the Four Area’s of Focus for ERG’s: Workforce, Workplace, Marketplace, and Community.

Our ERG’s impact our Workforce dimension by assisting the company with recruiting activities and identifying opportunities to improve retention and advancement of our diverse talent. In the Workplace dimension, our ERG’s host cultural awareness events which encourage an environment that values the uniqueness of each of us. In the Marketplace dimension, our ERG’s are encouraged to partner with internal teams to utilize their diverse backgrounds and experiences to impact our innovation and improve brand awareness in our communities. Lastly, in the Community dimension, our ERG’s identify opportunities to partner on fundraising and volunteer efforts, as well as advocate for outreach in under-represented communities.


We currently have six different active Employee Resource Groups (Womens, Veterans, LGBTQ+, Early Career, Hispanic/Latino, and African-American) with 19 ERG Chapters globally supporting the Four Area’s of Focus, and are working to expand Chapters to recently acquired companies.


Susan Cooney
[email protected] 


Championing diversity, equity and inclusion is not just the right thing to do — our business success depends on it.

Greg Clark
Symantec CEO
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