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The fundamental understanding of diversity and inclusion, the dimensions of difference, and the impact of unconscious bias on business decisions among our team members was low and could hinder our ability to come together most effectively around our mission of serving our PGA Members and growing participation in the game of golf.


We embarked on the development and deployment of ongoing diversity and inclusion training opportunities for our team including instructor-led experiences and online learning. 


132 PGA of America employees attended a “Navigating Differences” session presented by CSW Associates, Inc. in June or December 2016. CSW is known globally for their work in diversity, inclusion and cross-cultural awareness. The 2 ½ hour interactive theater sessions and live case studies were shaped through confidential interviews conducted in advance with PGA team members representing many dimensions of difference.

The sessions provided a powerful learning experience for our team, as illustrated by post-event survey results from 94 of the attendees.

  • 97.9% said the session influenced a positive change in how they will communicate and work more effectively with team members.
  • 80.8% said that as a result of the experience they think they will be more open and embracing of the differences among their colleagues.
  • 89.3% feel that these types of experiences are helpful in enhancing our work environment.
  • 97.9% have some interest in participating in more diversity and inclusion training with their colleagues.

These educational sessions provided the necessary foundation for subsequent staff training in diversity and inclusion. In May 2017 an online learning initiative supported by a global leader in learning – Skillsoft – was deployed and includes a variety of courses on diversity and inclusion. Follow-up training sessions are slated for December 2017 and February 2018 and will be delivered by subject matter experts on unconscious bias and generational diversity.


Sandy Cross: [email protected] 

An unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion is at the heart of the mission of the PGA of America. In order for the game of golf to grow, we must be a leader in engaging consumers from diverse backgrounds.  Our workplace culture, which is committed to learning and implementing the fundamentals of diversity and inclusion, is paramount to our success.

Pete Bevacqua, CEO, PGA of America

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